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Corner Worker's GEAR GUIDE


(pictured is Kip Clayton - South Carolina Region SCCA F&C Chief)

The Basics


  • Appropriate full coverage white clothing. New to flagging? Just wear Neutral colors (avoid red, yellow, bright blue or black). No shorts 😊

  • DURABLE rain gear (ex. Frogg Toggs or Columbia from a sporting goods store. Orange works well)

  • Hat,  Sunglasses,  Sunscreen

  • Hearing Protection 

  • Comfortable Sturdy Waterproof Shoes

  • Gloves (blaze or safety orange if you have them)

  • Backpack, Bag, or Track Bucket to carry supplies, munchies, liquids, trinkets, etc.

  • Trash Bags / Ziploc Bags


Fully Equipped

  • Whistle (w/ break-away lanyard)


  • Safety Glasses

  • Rope (minimum 20' length)

  • Folding Chair

  • Cutting Tool / Knife

  • First Aid Kit / Kleenex

  • Scanner w/ Headphones

  • Binoculars

  • Stopwatch

  • Notepad & Pen / Pencil / Sharpie

  • Duct Tape

Gear Guide: Product

Always dress for the weather conditions!

Equipment & Gear Resources

Trackside Tim.jpg

Corner Worker Fire Retardant & Single Layer suits

SCCA-branded Apparel & Gear

MTM Logo Wearables

Orange All-Weather Jackets

Men's & Women's Coats, Rain Suits, Jackets, Pants
( Note that rain suit colors should be white, neutral, blaze or safety orange )

Nomex Fleece Jackets and Caps

Orange Nomex gloves

Tow Straps

More stuff !

Orange cotton / Jersey Work gloves
( Usually  only available during the 
Fall hunting season )

Rapid Radio_edited.jpg

 Scanners, Headphones,
 Race Communications accessories


Racing Flags

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