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CENDIV Roundtable - South Bend, IN
Nov 10-Nov 11, 2001


Click on photos to enlarge.  These were taken at very high resolution.

verne.jpg (130290 bytes)

Verne Wandell, WMR Flag Chief

susie.jpg (101749 bytes)

Susie Beal, Lake Erie Communication

louie.jpg (110205 bytes)

Louie Beal, Lake Erie Communication

phil.jpg (138099 bytes)

Phil Griffith, Lake Erie Communication

tom.jpg (92376 bytes)

Tom Phillips, Divisional Administrator

AnneandTom.jpg (129556 bytes)

Anne Hefty and Tom Phillips

dick.jpg (145042 bytes)

Dick Cole, Detroit Regional Executive

chris.jpg (288265 bytes)

Chris Wojciechowski, Detroit Region, GT-2 Champion

1999-2006 Michigan Turn Marshals
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