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Winter 2001

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Reserve this date, it is imperative!

 Saturday February 23, 2002

The Michigan Turn Marshals annual meeting and get together will be held at Rob LaMoreaux’s home, which is almost central to our MTM territory.

We thank Rob for extending his home and hospitality. The format for food will be the same, bring a dish, not enough for everyone because when you extrapolate it is a huge amount of food.

Rob LaMoreaux

4096 Central Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-1273
Home: 734-971-5583
Work: 734-822-9696
Fax: 734-973-1103
Home email: Rob_LaMoreaux@compuserve.com
Work email: rlamoreaux@mtspt.com
You can also use the form at Winter Party 

Slot cars, food, friends & decisions (BYOB)
1969 Lotus Elan...It's not a restoration, it's a never-ending adventure. We appreciate Rob’s kind offer.

Momentous decisions shall be made that evening!

 The President calls for action !!!

At the general membership meeting that we had in October 2000 many changes were made in the way MTM was to do business.  In 2001 those changes made us an information source for our members as well as other F & C workers and racing organization. Several racing groups used MTM to get information on their events to our members and our members in turn supported those events. Dick Coburn kept us informed with the newsletter and e-mails. Melissa Wojciechowski created a world class web site for us. Debbie Martens was out and about bringing new members to MTM. While Verne Wandell produce some great training material and even personally trained many of those new members. Like any organization there are still some glitches that need to be worked on, but overall 2001 was a good year for MTM. The question is will we continue into 2002 and the future.

At the October 2000 general meeting it was decided that the Executive Broad of MTM would stay the same for 2001, but not for 2002. Many of the executive board members have had those positions for more than 10 years. Most of them wanted out last year, but agreed to continue to institute the changes we had all decided on at that meeting. Our By-Laws calls for an election and new officers taking over by November 1. Well, we missed that date and need to act on that now. In my article in the newsletter earlier this year I had asked for people interested in taking over one of these offices to contact me, no one has.  To continue we need to fill the following executive board positions:

                        Vice President

The balance of the executive board in made from a representative of the F & C groups from the Detroit Region/SCCA, Waterford Hills Road Racing, and the Western Michigan Region/SCCA which are appointed.

There are also 6 appointed positions in MTM that need to be filled. They are:

                       Newsletter Editor & Publisher
                        Recruitment Chairperson
                       Training Coordinator
                        Trash & Trinket Coordinator
                        Social Coordinator

Of these positions I know that the Dick Coburn has asked that he be replaced as the Newsletter Editor and Publisher. Phil Schilke has asked to be replaced as Secretary & Treasurer. I have not heard from any of the others in these positions and I hope many of them plan to carry on into 2002, but we need an executive board to lead them. Also, without someone doing our newsletter we lose the major communications to our members.

What happens next? MTM needs people in these positions so we are looking for volunteers to fill them. If you are interested in filling one of these positions please contact me or any of the current executive board members before January 15, 2002. If we can get all the positions filled by volunteers we can carry on with a new board beginning in February. My hope is that we have several volunteers for each position and we then would have to have an election. In that case we would get ballots out to the membership immediately to again assure the new board a February starting date.

If we don’t get these positions filled by February 2002, then the current executive board will have no choice but to decide what to do with the assets of MTM and close the organization down. My hope is that there are members out there willing to continue the tradition of MTM into the future and we will not have to disappear from the racing world.

Your current executive board members are not going away, but just want to see new, and should I say younger, leadership to carry MTM into the 21st century. I for one would be glad to run the Trash & Trinket program as I have the space and shipping capabilities where I work. Willy will probably carry on doing the membership database. All of us will still be at races supporting MTM, as long as the organization continues.

So, it’s up to you, the membership of MTM, to decide out future.  Hopefully this spring you’ll be getting a newsletter with a new editor, listing a new board of directors, and an events calendar to keep you busy all summer and not a notice that another great racing organization is no more.


Contact me at: 
Phone:  616-554-8030 (Days)
                                 800-209-9139 (Days)
616-784-6905 (Evenings)
Fax:            616-554-8035
E-Mail:            forberggr@ameritech.net 

Lon Hake Update

On your behalf an attractive arrangement of potted plants wrapped in a checkered flag ribbon has been sent from his Michigan Turn Marshals family with a get well card wishing Lon a "SPEEDY" recovery. 

Back to walking and almost running. The leg is still swollen but will improve. He is not yet back to work but expects to be there next week. Lon says he will be ready for the race season.

He and his wife Shirley would like to thank his “second family” for all the cards, letters and calls. Shirley never knew that Lon knew that many people. They both recognized all as his second family and wish to say THANK YOU FOR CARING

Mail Address

Lon Hake
P.O. Box 276
Maple Park IL 60151-0276
Phone 815/827-3364

Delivery Address

Lon Hake
607 Maple Avenue
Maple Park IL 60151-0276
Phone 815/827-3364

MTM Members @ 2001 SCCA Runoffs

Melissa Wojciechowski 
Tim Martens
Debbie Martens
Chris Donnelly
John Jordan

Dick Cole
Gord Glover

Dick Coburn
John Firment
Verne Wandell


 Wojo is famous

The follow article was published in the SCCA National Administrators’ Newsletter:

“Melissa Wojciechowski had an idea that gained support from many Regions. Since the President and CEO of SCCA has recognized F&C on many occasions she wished to reciprocate. Melissa collected patches from 48 Regions and 14 events he attended. She then sewed them all on a set of white coveralls (that fit!). At the evening of recognizing SCCA volunteers of the year, Melissa presented the “whites”.

Thank you very much Melissa Wojciechowski of Detroit Region.

Steve Johnson was quoted as saying that of all the awards that he has received in his corporate career this one meant the most. He proudly wore it and shared his excitement about it with anyone he met.

MTM Website

 Check to see where MTM members have been.

http://www.michiganturnmarshals.org/ where/WhereHaveWeBeen.htm


We welcome a new member

Name: Jim Dywinski
Address: 10 Lincoln Ave
City: LeRoy
State: NY
Zip: 14482
Home Phone: 585-768-2863
Fax: 585-496-6060
Email Address:

MTM Member named Worker of the Year

 Nancy Mandt, DMVR (MTM Member)

Nancy caught the racing bug in 1990 when she was a member of the promotions committee for the Ruan  Greater Des Moines Grand Prix. The next year she joined SCCA and allegedly became a "pit poopsie" crewing for both Club and Pro racing teams. The bug really bit and she attended a motor sports academy In Topeka, put on by the Kansas City Region, to learn more about working races. In 1993 she started working F&C and attended the first Runoffs at Mid-Ohio where she was assigned to Station 14. At that point she determined her future—she wanted to become a starter. In 1996 she worked 38 race days, got her national license in Start and F&C, and was named the Des Moines Valley Region’s Race Official of the Year. Nancy has worked the Runoffs for the last five years as a Starter, was Team Leader for four of those five, has been Divisional Administrator for Midwest Division for the past three years, and has been nominated for a future National Administrator for Start. Not only is Nancy a good leader and a skilled starter, she makes sure that her co-workers have lots of fun in the process.

Congratulations Nancy

 Best Wishes and Congratulations

I was wondering if you could let everyone know that I am getting married to my fiance of 4 years, Judy Presler. I am currently the Chief of F & C at Watkins Glen Int'l and will be working Start/Finish next year only. Judy is currently doing Race Control and F & C. Anyone interested in writing can reach us at:

Don and Judy Brill
7378 County Road 14
Bath, NY 14810 
or email us at bear@infoblvd.net

Don "BEAR" Brill

The deed has been done and all the members of MTM wish them the best for a happy marriage.


More Success

Jim Millar, a former Detroit Region corner worker, is the inside rear tire changer and mechanic for the Shell Team Rahal - Kenny Brack #8 car, and they won the CRAFTSMAN PIT CREW CHALLENGE in the CART series!


Bill and Mindy Edwards and Bryan and Cindy Boedigheimer are progressing well towards increasing the membership of Michigan Turn Marshals. All is progressing well!


Best wishes for the holidays

Felices Días de fiesta
Happy Kwanza

Felizes Feriados
Merry Christmas

Frohe Feiertage
Bonnes fêtes
Happy Chanukah

Felici Feste

And see you all on Saturday, February 23, 2001

Dennis Hand jdhand@chartermi.net has volunteered to take over the editor’s role for the Michigan Turn Marshals. Please help him with contributions, reminders, news and fun things to share

 Thank you for all your support and contributions over the past years.

Dick Coburn thecoburns@cogeco.ca


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