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2005 Pre-Season Newsletter

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Welcome to the 2005 Racing Season!

 We're Back!

    Michigan Turn Marshals is returning in 2005 with a breath of fresh air.  Last year was hectic with job changes, children being born, and all sorts of groovy things.  This year, we are ready to hit the road running.  BUT!  We need your help!  We need our members to fill some roles here at Michigan Turn Marshals.  This group is member operated, and you all do a great job representing us at events around the country and even around the world.  Please, take the time to consider accepting one of the following positions to help MTM grow once again.

 Webmaster/Database Administrator

    Anyone who is proficient in HTML, and have a basic understanding of VBScript and JavaScript, please contact Melissa Wojciechowski at webmaster@michiganturnmarshals.org and offer your services!  Here’s what Melissa has to say about her job:

 “The DBA and webmaster jobs are hand in hand:  I basically keep the database of members and races up to date, change the schedule, and make minor html changes.  When the newsletter is released, I save it as html and place a link on the newsletter page.  When I receive pictures, I post them in various locations.  I send out reminders for race events.  The site was originally designed in Microsoft FrontPage so I've kept it that way.  All the active server pages are done and need only minor modifications each year.  I will put together instructions for whoever decides to take over. It's just a matter or maintaining the site at this point.”

 Vice President

Basically try to setup trips to all the tracks in the Central Division, bringing novices everywhere and giving them guidance and ensuring that they had a good time.  I supported the President in decision making.


Direct the future of the organization.  Sell the services of Michigan Turn Marshals to the events that are scheduled near us.  Come up with and help implement ideas on how to advance turn marshalling in ways such as recruiting and training.

 Newsletter Editor

    Anyone interested in creating, or helping to create our newsletter, please contact Dennis Hand at hand1dj@cmich.edu .  You don't even need any special computer skills for this!


How Did YOU Get Involved?

    I'm looking for stories of how people got involved in becoming a turn marshal.  Send you submissions to Dennis Hand at hand1dj@cmich.edu .  I'll start this with a story of my own...

 Back in the mid-80's, my father and I would come to Waterford Hills several times throughout the summer.  While watching a race from the paddock, my hat blew off and landed on the track.  A cornerworker from old station 6A came across at the end of the session and returned to me my favorite hat.  I was about three years old at the time so I have no idea who you are, but 15 years later I attribute my interest in turn marshalling to you.  My hat's off to you, Mr. Turn Marshal!


Check out the website for the latest news!

    If you haven't been there recently, check out www.michiganturnmarshals.org/News.html .  Our webmaster posts news when it is received.  Why wait for my infrequent newsletter, when you can get the information NOW.


Registering for Events

    To register for an event, point your web browser toward http://www.michiganturnmarshals.org/WorkerRegistration.asp .  If you scroll down the page a bit you'll see boxes for a Username and Password Your username is automatically set to your first initial and last name.  For example, mine (Dennis Hand) is dhand.  Your password is initially set to your username.  The buttons below will direct you on to further pages.  The EVENTS button takes you to a menu of all the events where you can see who else is going.  The REGISTRATION button brings you to a page that lets you register for each event on our schedule.  Have you moved or changed telephone numbers or email addresses?  Click the UPDATE button to modify your profile.  The RESET USERNAME button logs you out so your racing companions may use your computer to log in and register themselves for an event.


Did You Watch Daytona?

    I know that several MTM members probably made the journey to the 24 Hours of Daytona.  Those of us at home heard the announcers praise the F&C volunteers (and ALL specialty volunteers) many times for their hard work and dedication to the sport.


Central Division Set to Split

    If you haven't heard by now, the Central Division of the SCCA is set to split into two separate divisions by 2007.  The division will be split between Area 4 and Area 5.  Area 4 consists of Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio.  Area 5 includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northeast Iowa, Northern Illinois, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 

    This decision has caused some displeasure with members from both areas.  The main arguement is the increase in number of race events this may create.  When the division splits, there will probably be times when there are National events in Area 5 on the same weekend as National events in Area 4.  Those of us on the east side at Waterford, Mid-Ohio, and Nelson Ledges may not feel the impact of this.  However, Western Michigan Region and other regions near the division line may be devastatingly impacted by this split. 

    Our events at Grattan and Gingerman often pull turn marshals from Area 5.  If there are events happening at Blackhawk Farms, Road America, or one of the new tracks sprouting up in Area 5 at the same time as WMR's August National at Grattan, our turn marshal count at Grattan may be dangerously low.  We can hope that after the split the two divisions will work together to schedule races that won't conflict, but we shouldn't count on it working out. 

    How can we help avoid dangerously low volunteer counts?  Recruit your friends, family, and co-workers!  Get more people involved in the sport.  Take the time to talk to spectators at events.  Remember flag demonstrations between sessions for the fans on top of the hill at turn 4 at Waterford?Give them a contact email address or phone number.  Maybe make up cards to pass out to spectators with contact information and a schedule printed on them.  Just make an attempt at getting someone new involved in turn marshalling

    If you want more information regarding the split, Area 4 Director Erik Skirmants has posted a few letters at www.cendiv-scca.org on his take of the split.  He provides his contact information in the letter. 


That's all for now.  We'll be back really soon with a listing of events.  Have a safe season, and I hope to hear from you soon!


-Dennis Hand

Please E-mail your comments or suggestions to Webmaster@MichiganTurnMarshals.org

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