Michigan Turn Marshals Newsletter
February 2002

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2002 Winter Party News:

On February 23, 2002, Michigan Turn Marshals held their annual meeting/winter party.  Many thanks to Rob LaMoreaux for letting us use his home.  We have an all-new executive board this year with many new and interesting ideas.  We would like to recognize our old executives, Gordy Ensing, Willy Perez, and Phil Schilke, for their countless years of service.  We couldn’t have survived this long without you! 

All our non-executive positions were filled at the party also.  These include:


Recruitment King – John Firment

Webmaster – Melissa Wojciechowski

Chief of Trash & Trinkets – Gordy Ensing

Member Database Guru – Melissa Wojciechowski

Newsletter Editor – Dennis Hand


Our Chiefs of Flagging and Communications for this year will be:

Detroit Region – Debbie Martens

Western Michigan Region – Verne Wandell

Waterford Hills – Debbie Martens & Ritch Pushies

Gingerman – Phil Schilke


And now, I present…

New Board Members for 2002

President – Scott Whitehead


I started with racing the day I was born, my parents being Waterford Hills members since 1968.  I really started getting involved when my dad purchased his Formula 4, and I was responsible for tire pressures and other small things.  At the age of 16, I wanted to get more involved with racing, so I started working sound control at Waterford Hills. Within a year of doing this I became the chief of that specialty.  After I turned 17, I started working with ARS Tech, a job my parents got for
me since they were part of CART.  Late in the racing season of 1991 I gave up sound and decided to take on the world of F&C.  Since that day in 1991 I have flagged over 150 events, (over 320 days), became a Nationally Licensed flagger, and have worked Race Control at Waterford. And only at the age of 28, I have many years of flagging left in me.

Vice President – Melissa Wojciechowski


Melissa has been an MTM member since 2000.  She has been around racing since birth, mostly attending short track and drag racing events.  She has been a flagger at Waterford Hills since 2000 and has held an SCCA Divisional License since 2001.  She has traveled all over Central Division working SCCA and ALMS races.  She has been the MTM Webmaster since late 2000 and will continue.  She is the owner and manager of a GT2 racing team, Slim Motorsports.  She is a Senior Software Engineer at Image Process Design, Inc. in Bloomfield Hills.  She lives in Howell with her husband, Chris (GT2 driver), two dogs and "the Nissan".  At the age of 28, she has many more years left!

Secretary/Treasurer – Tim Martens


Tim has been an MTM member since 1985 starting out flagging at Waterford Hills and various SCCA events. He moved up to Asst. Flag Chief then to Chief of F&C for WHRRI from about 1988 to 1994.
In 1994 he attended Waterford Hills Driver School and began driving in ITB. He worked his way up to a 5th in class for the 1998 ITB championship. Since then he has returned to working F&C for SCCA and as a steward at Waterford Hills allowing his car to gather money.
Tim is a Chassis Designer for General Motors at their Warren Technical Center Advanced Vehicle Design Center.  He lives in Garden City with his wife, Debbie and their dog and cat.  Hobbies (other than racing) include carpentry and home improvement.


From Where The Temperature is Above Zero…

Grant and Liz Wilcox send their best from Florida.  They would like to congratulate all the new board members and wish them luck for the season.

 “It has been cool here.  Down to 32 degrees F.  Everyone down here thinks that is really cold.  My answer is that is why we moved down here to get away from the 18 degree wind chill.

Tell everyone at the party HI from us.  We miss the gang.
I watched a corner worker down here, during practice for the 24 hour, sit on a barrel the whole time with the blue flag in his lap.

Take care.
Grant and Liz

 Important Info from SCCA-DET F&C Chief

Welcome to the 2002 racing season!  We are but a few short weeks away from the beginning of the season and I’d like to take this opportunity to inform you of our training plans for this year. 

We will be offering two Flag Schools this season for the benefit of both Detroit Region SCCA and Waterford Hills Road Racing.  Both schools will be free of charge to all students.  SCCA temporary memberships will be available at Detroit region registration to anyone not licensed by SCCA.  These memberships are free, valid for 90 days and are fully renewable, so all are welcome to attend.

Detroit Region SCCA Flag School will be held at Waterford Hills Road Racing on April 20-21, 2002. 

Waterford Hills Road Racing will hold their annual Flag School on April 27-28, 2002.

Anyone interested in attending either school should contact Debbie Martens at tdmartens@comcast.net, or call 734-421-2231.  Please note that this is a new email address and change your address books accordingly.  Thanks!

Also for 2002, Detroit Region SCCA and Waterford Hills Road Racing will be offering a joint Fire Suppression School.  The tentative date for the school is May 11th, 2002, and will run from 8:30am until 3:30pm (approximately).  Anyone from either club interested in attending should contact Debbie Martens at the email address or phone number noted above.  Space is limited to 40 attendees, so get your registrations in early!   Details for the school will be finalized in March and any changes to date or time will be forwarded by email.

We will also be offering a Captains School (again, a joint venture with Detroit SCCA and WHRRI), so stay tuned for further information.  Announcements will be made well before the date, and all are welcome to attend. 

Thanks and happy racing!

Debbie Martens

Chief of Flagging and Communications

Detroit Region SCCA/Waterford Hills Road Racing


Bitsy Baby Boedigheimer!

Weighing in at 9lbs, 2oz, and at a length of 21 inches, Dylan James Boedigheimer became the newest member at 11:50am on December 17th, 2001.  Congratulations to Cindy and Brian!

VSCDA Race/Worker School

By:          Ricky del Rosario, Event Chair

Hello CenDiv regions, Michigan Turn Marshals and Furrin Group, my name is Ricky del Rosario and I’m the event chair for the Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association’s “Spring Brake” race weekend, that this year includes a Worker School, and will take place on May 4 & 5.

I’m a firm believer in the “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine” philosophy.  VSCDA’s  race weekends would just not take place if we didn’t have the worker staffs to help run the show.  So to scratch the back of the local SCCA regions, we are teaming together to conduct a worker school in conjunction with the drivers’ school during the “Spring Brake” weekend.  VSCDA’s Gary Peterson has been appointed Chief of Worker Appreciation for the event.  He will work closely with Verne Wandell of SCCA’s West Michigan Region to help make the worker school as much of a success as the drivers’ school has been.  Thanks to both of you.  I’m very excited about this new facet of the “Spring Brake” weekend.

There are many different worker disciplines involved in a race weekend.  You’ve got flaggers, corner workers, starters, communicators, stewards, scorers, grid workers, pit marshals, etc… So, if you’ve always wanted to get involved in auto racing, here is your chance to get close to the action.  There will be a “ground school” Saturday morning, May 4th from 7:00-9:00.  After which the workers will go to their stations for the remaining “on the job” training.  Sunday is a single day race event, so you can put to use what was learned the day before.

Any workers committing to a full day’s work, Saturday, Sunday or both, will be taken care of by the VSCDA with a worker gift, meals and door prizes.  Gary Peterson, our Chief of Worker Appreciation will see to that.

This is an excellent opportunity to hone new skills for those that attended the worker seminar in South Bend.  So, if you’re interested in participating in a vintage race school and race, and learning how to work the event, contact Verne Wandell of the WMR at (616) 353-9381or WANDELLV@cs.com.  Thank you.

Gingerman Raceway is about six miles east of Interstate 196, exit #20 on Phoenix Rd.  For more information on Gingerman Raceway, please visit their website at www.gingermanraceway.com.

For lodging, there are many beautiful places to stay in the South Haven, Michigan area.  Near the exit off of Interstate 196, VSCDA has reserved blocks of rooms at the Hampton Inn, (616)639-8550, the Guest House International, (616)639-9900 and at the Holiday Inn Express, (616)637-8800.  Rooms are limited so call early.  Camping is also allowed at the track.


The Prez Sez…

    I definitely think that my first order of business as the new Chairman of MTM is thanking all the previous members of the board and appointed positions.  THANK YOU.  Without you guys we definitely would not have made it this far.  I also feel the need to thank the volunteers that stepped forward to help carry MTM into the future.  Thank You.  Hopefully with this great bunch of people we can turn MTM into the organization that it deserves to be, and one that its members are proud to say "Yes I am an MTM member"

        Thanks Again to all past and present Executives

                                                                                            Scott Whitehead


LEC Has a New Website…

They’ve created a very fun site with message boards and I think a few games to play.



Fire School Info

Detroit SCCA & Waterford Hills Road Racing

Proudly present

Fire Suppression School, 2002


Location:                Waterford Hills Road Racing

Date:                       May 11, 2002

Time:                      8:30am-3: 30pm

Contact:               Debbie Martens


                                Email: tdmartens@comcast.net

Registration:                8:15am-8:30am

Experience:                Open to all specialties, SCCA and WHRRI

Cost:                       Free!


For licensed SCCA marshals, this session will count as a Detroit Region SCCA event, so please remember to bring your logbooks to the school. In addition, Detroit region marshals receive worker points for their attendance at the school. Waterford marshals (non-licensed with SCCA) are welcome and encouraged to come to the school. SCCA membership is not required.

Lunch will be provided for all attendees.  Space is limited to 40 participants and will be available on a first come, first served basis.  Register today to assure your place at the school!  Registration is available on the MTM web site at http://www.michiganturnmarshals.org/ or by emailing or calling Debbie Martens at the contacts given above.


Gingerman National

April 27-28 INR National at Gingerman, South Haven, MI

F&C workers may contact Phil Schilke at pschilke@peoplepc.com

Lunches provided (good lunches) and worker "thank you" goodies. Dinner Saturday night (Mardi Gras style)

Meeting both Saturday and Sunday at 7:15am base of tower in pit lane near tech.



A Little Post-Christmas Jingle

(To the tune of Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer.)

You know Michael and AJ and Helio and Montoya.
Ralf and Jacques and the fellow sponsored by Goya.
But do you recall, the ones who make racing possible
for all?

Rudolph the red skinned worker
Had a very bad sunburn.
And every summer weekend
You'ld find him on a turn.

All of the pro race drivers
Use to ignore his waves.
They would only give a thumbs up
To the spectators who were babes.

Then one rainy race car day
The chief steward came to say
Rudolph in your suit so bright,
You go do the flagging right.

Then how the pro drives loved him.
As they wanted to drive.
They now give old Rudolph
A really big high five.
(With many apologies to Gene Autry.)

                        -Jeff Janoska


Formula SAE Reminder

Please block May 18th, Sat. on your calendar for the Formula SAE endurance event.  There are about 117 university prepared cars for this all day event run just like a race with an autocross tossed in for fun.  Please contact Phil Schilke (pschilke@peoplepc.com) for details.

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