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Flagging & Communications training sessions are held throughout the season. 
Training takes place at Waterford Hills and is sponsored by MTM, WHRRI and SCCA-Detroit,
and is a combination of classroom and hands-on learning.

2017 Training Sessions:

 April 29 & 30

 New Flagger training

> More Info <

 May 6 or 7

 One-on-One training

FSAE F&C training

 May 27 or 28

 One-on-One training

Pre-Grand Prix training

 June 17 or 18

 One-on-One training


 July 22 or 23

 One-on-One training



 Advanced Worker training


 August 26 or 27

 One-on-One training


 September 23 or 24

 One-on-One training

Last chance until next April

   Classroom training includes the following topics:
F&C overview
    - How a race is organized and the roles of F&C and other support groups
    - What Equipment you will use  (incl Personal, Corner Station, and Communication Radios)
    - What are the Corner Station Procedures  (incl assignments and emergency procedures)
    - How you will Communicate  (incl normal & emergency protocols)
    - The Flags and basic Hand Signals

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