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   40th Anniversary

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The name of this organization shall be Michigan Turn Marshals' Council, Incorporated.
Hereinafter referred to in these bylaws as MTM.



The Emblem and Corporate Seal shall be circular in form with the state of Michigan predominate in the center, encircled by the words “Michigan Turn Marshals-Safety First”. (See Appendix 1)



MTM is incorporated in the State of Michigan as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation (ID #814083) of volunteer individuals interested in and dedicated to the sport of motorsports road racing, hereafter referred to as racing. MTM provides additional incentive and interest in the fine skills of turn marshalling by:

A)    Promoting training and instruction of the highest caliber in the areas of flagging, communications, and safety standards to MTM members and other individuals interested in the Flagging and Communications specialty of racing.

B)     Being an informational source for MTM members of racing activities in the State of Michigan.

C)    Coordinating, for a fee, with sanctioning bodies of racing in the State of Michigan their event schedules and MTM membership participation at their events. The fee to be charged to sanctioning bodies will be determined by the MTM Executive Committee.

D)    Actively promoting the Flagging and Communications specialty of racing and recruit new persons to that activity.

E)     By being a source of information and support for MTM members who wish to expand their Flagging and Communication activities to racing events in other states and countries.

F)     Providing leadership to support the purposes of MTM.



Section 1: Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction in the management of Flagging and Communications personnel at a given racing event rest solely with the Flag Chief or other individual appointed by the sanctioning organization of the racing event.

Section 2: Limitations

MTM, as a consulting organization, shall be limited to act only in the capacity requested and authorized by the Flag Chief or other individual appointed by the sanctioning organization of the racing event.



Individuals concerned with promoting high standards and safety in the Flagging and Communications activities at racing events may become a general member upon:

A)    Demonstrating an ability to perform sound Flagging and Communications techniques at a minimum of 4 racing events.

B)     Receiving a recommendation from a current MTM general member.

C)    Payment of the MTM membership fee.



Section 1: Personnel

The Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the Board, shall be composed of the Executive Committee and one person appointed by each of the racing sanctioning organizations that paid a fee to secure the services of MTM in the previous year, to help them coordinate their Flagging and Communications requirements. It is recommended that the board members that represent their racing sanctioning organization be their Flagging and Communications Chief or director.

Section 2: Term of Office

The Board, as defined above, shall serve as the MTM advisory body for a period of two years from their time of appointment until October 31 in 2nd year of the subsequent racing season.

Section 3: Removal from the Board

A Board member may be removed for action or conduct detrimental to the welfare of MTM by a vote of 2/3 of the Board members present at a duly authorized meeting of the Board.

Section 4: Duties

The Board shall advise the Executive Committee on the affairs, funds, and property of MTM. The Board will recommend policy and its implementation to the Executive Committee for their consideration and vote.

Section 5: Meetings

A meeting of the Board shall be called at the discretion of the President, but at least once each year. A notice shall be mailed, either by surface or electronically, to each member of the Board at least 5 days before any meeting of the Board. This notice must indicate the date, time, location, and, if possible, an agenda of items to be discussed.

Section 6: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall vote on and execute the policies recommend by the Board between meetings. The minutes of all Executive Committee meetings shall be submitted to the Board for their review and ratification at the next Board meeting.

Section 7: Quorum

A)    Fifty percent of the membership of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

B)     Voting by proxy or absentee ballot shall not be allowed, except with approval of the majority of the Board.



Section 1: Officers and Members

The Executive Committee, hereinafter referred to as the Committee, shall consist of the following:

President (a.k.a. Chairman)
Vice President (a.k.a. Vice Chairman)

Plus (1) Flagging and Communications representative from the following organizations:

Detroit Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA-DET)
Western Michigan Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA-WMR)
Waterford Hills Road Racing, Inc.  (WHRRI)

Section 2: Duties

The Committee will vote on the recommendations of the Board and implement all approved activities. It will also have general charge and control over the affairs, funds, and property of MTM.

The duties of the Committee officers are as follows:

The president shall preside at all meetings of MTM, the Board, and the Committee. Assign duties to members as required. Sign, along with the treasurer, all contracts and obligations recommended by the Board and approved by the Committee.

Vice President: 
The vice president shall be responsible for all MTM property and shall perform all duties as assigned by the president including the performance of the office of president in his or her absence.

The secretary shall be responsible for the preparation of minutes of all general MTM membership meetings, Board meetings, and Committee meetings.

The secretary, or their designate, shall perform other duties as assigned by the president including maintaining the membership directory, recording participation at MTM events, and notifying the president of members eligible for appointment to the Board, the Committee, or other positions within MTM.

The treasurer shall maintain full and accurate accounts of all MTM funds.
Collect dues, donations, and other account payables. Inform the Secretary, and other appropriate chairpersons, of new members in good standing. Prepare and present financial reports at each meeting of the Board and the Committee. Prepare and present an annual financial report. Perform any other duties assigned by the president.

Section 3: Nomination and Election of Committee Members

Officers shall be nominated and elected by the general membership of MTM. Nominations and elections will be directed by the Board and be concluded by no later than October 1st.

Flagging and Communications representatives will be assigned by their respective racing organization. Their names must be presented to the Board and Committee no later than October 1st.

Section 4: Term of Office

The term of office for Committee members will be for two years beginning on November 1st of the year they are elected or appointed until October 31st of the 2nd year of their service.

Section 5: Vacancies on the Committee

The nomination by, and a majority vote of, the Board shall fill vacancies, which occur during a regular term of office.



Section 1: Creation of Appointed Positions

The Board shall create non-voting positions to handle certain required duties for MTM. The Board will make its recommendations of the positions and the individuals to fill those positions to the Committee for their vote and approval. It is recommended that all persons with appointed positions in MTM attend all meetings of the Board.

 Section 2: Current Appointed Positions

A)    Newsletter Editor and Publisher

B)     Webmaster

C)    Recruitment Chairperson

D)    Trash & Trinket Chairperson

E)     Social Coordinator





Section 1: Membership Fee

The amount of membership fee in MTM shall be determined by the recommendation of the Board and voted on by the Committee.

Section 2: Services Fee

The amount charged to race racing sanctioning bodies and organizations for MTM services will be determined and voted on by the Committee.

Section 3: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall be from January 1 through December 31.

Section 4: Bank Accounts

The Committee shall specifically authorize the establishment of any bank account. Disbursement may be made only in accordance with the budget and such other payments as may be authorized by the Committee. All withdrawals shall be upon the signatures of either the president or the treasurer. The vice president shall have the right to make withdrawals only in the absence of the president and the treasurer.

Section 5: Petty Cash

In order to transact the day-to-day business of MTM, the treasurer may hold and shall be accountable at each Board and Committee meeting for a petty cash fund, which shall not exceed $50.00.



Section 1: Event Liability

Under no circumstances shall MTM be responsible for any debts incurred by an event sanctioning body or organizer, unless, prior to incurring such debt, the Committee has voted to guarantee payment thereof.

Section 2: Personal Liability

All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against MTM, the Board, or Committee shall look only to the funds and property of MTM for payment of any debt, damages, judgements, decrees, or any other money that may otherwise become due or payable to them from MTM, the Board, or the Committee, so neither the members of MTM, the Board, or Committee, present or future, shall be personally liable.



Section 1: Amendments

The Bylaws of Michigan Turn Marshals' Council, Incorporated may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 2: Rules of Order

Roberts’ Rules of Order (Revised) shall be parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure




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